Italiano and Some New Goodies

I just realized that my scale is broken this week :(…. I was kinda bummed but my mama decided to surprise me and Sophia with a new scale that has a Body Composition Scanner Built in! Homedics makes the model we bought and it measure several things after plugging in your height,age, sex and level of activity… after plugging in my information it measured me in several  categories:

Weight: 119

Body fat %: 12.7%

Body Water %: 63.7%

Muscle Mass %: 44.9%

Bone Mass %: 5.3%

According to the scale’s Chart in the manual, I’m a little too low on the body fat percent. Probably from all the running. Going to have to have to gain more muscle mass too! I think I’m going to love this scale! :)

I ran 2 miles this morning and wasn’t really feeling up to par so I decided to come downstairs from my workout area and have a nice hearty breakfast:

Apple slices, wheat germ, honey and oats :)

Close up!


I will be hopping back on the tredmill later tonight after I get some work done but I was kinda depressed that my legs were just so  achy while running this morning, and what bugs me even more is I’m not really sure why; Maybe I’m lacking in protein or carbs in my meals? not sure though….Do you ever feel like your legs are totally achy when running? What do you think it’s a lack of? Any type of suggestions on what I can do to keep my long distance running up to par? Hopeful the heart meal I just had will fuel my run for later on! Gotta keep ya head up!

Last night Pete and I went to Via Veneto Italian restaurant near my house. After I decided to make some homemade guac!

We had some left over gift certificates from Via Veneto that we had received from the silent auction of the Ahepa Marrow Basketball Tournament . We decided to have some yummy italian food before going to see “Country Strong”. Pete ordered the Fagottini pasta which was the dish I had ordered the last time we went to the Via Veneto.

Fagottini Di Ricotta E Pere

Stuffed purses with ricotta cheese, pears and smoked chicken in creamy broth sauce... Such a great dish!

Salmon Special for the night:

Salmon with veggies, baked potato and Soy dressing :) very tender, very good!

For dessert we shared the Pistachio Gelato:

:) hehe

Afterward we went to the movies and saw “Country Strong” which isn’t a movie worth me writing too much about lol… But Pete and I did take some movie theater pics :)

Personally, I didn’t think the movie was all that good, It was decent, but I wouldn’t mind if I never saw it again lol…

This morning, besides getting the amazing scale, I received these goodies in the mail from a high school acquaintance who’s working for an Organic company called Natrii.

A friend of My sisters sent me some new organic products to try out, these are the face cream "pills"

These capsules look like fishies! LOL The orange are to be used as night cream and the blue is the moisturizer. I've heard great things about this company and am pumped to try this out!



Nature's Greens made up of ALL organic ingredients: Food blend Includes: Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Alfalfa, Spinach, Broccoli Chlorella, Antioxidants are included in this product too: Acai, Maca, Carrot, Beet, Raspberry, Rose Hips, Pineapple, Goji Berries Tea and Cherry The product also has a Fiber Blend: Flax seed Powder and Apple Pectin Fiber

If you want some samples sent to you I can try to contact my friend and see what I can do… Simply comment my post and let me know you’re interested.

Besides the new Scale my mom also surprised me with something absolutely WONDERFUL… My VERY FIRST…….


My mama and I went to Jewel  a couple of days ago and stocked up on some goodies from there too:

FINALLY bought them!



Those are such great Bars!

Thanks to Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers she inspired me to sprinkle this in my breakfast today! :)

Great for salads!

I love grinding these up and using them as whole wheat bread crumbs!

Never tried this before, very tasty for 0% fat!

Snack Packs!

One of our favorite family appetizers! :) Greeks style!

I’m planning on going for a massage this week with the gift Pete gave me for my birthday back in October:

If you're thinking for a V-Day girt this SpaWish gift is great because they are accepted all over the country at many spas!

What type of massage do you recommend I get our of all these?

Massage Therapy:

  • Swedish: Head to toe massage using European technique and stokes to relieve your body of unwanted stress.
  • Combination: Combined techniques to help you relax and rejuvenate.
  • Deep Tissue: Forearms and elbows are used to reduce muscle tightness on targeted areas to restore range of motion.
  • Sports: Deep pressure and stretching is used to help the muscles prepare or recover from activity.
  • Hot Stone: The warmth of heated basalt stones penetrates muscles and balances the nervous system. Stones or varying sizes are settled into body contours in areas that tend to hold tension.
  • Common Injury: Comprised of different massage modalities to release muscle tension and help speed recovery.
  • Duo: Two therapists work simultaneously on different parts of the body.
  • Scalp: Upward strokes are used to increase the circulation of blood which helps the health of hair.
  • Reflexology: Pressure is applied using thumbs and fingers onto reflex points. Stimulating specific points increases circulation, releases blockage and relieve stress.
  • Aromatherapy: Essential oils to help heal, alleviate pain and regulate mood.


Chocolate Covered Katie is giving away something special check it out!

Hope your weekend is going fabulous you sexy bloggers! :) I’m hoping that my workout later on will be much better than the one this morning… Do you ever feel like your legs are totally achy when running? What do you think its a lack of? Any type of suggestions on what I can do to keep my long distance running up to par? I found a great website to track all the running I’ve been doing check it out: Daily Mile

46 thoughts on “Italiano and Some New Goodies

  1. My legs were so achy and tired just walking upstairs today that I thought it would be good to take a rest day, even though I’ve only worked out three times this week. I’d rather not have a half hearted workout because I’m too sore!

  2. I love Dailymile! I used to use that when I could run, lol.

    I’ve had a hot stone massage before, it was amazing. I also think the deep tissue or sports one sounds really good!

    Looks like you’ve had an awesome day! :)

  3. Hey girl! First of all, thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog! You are too kind :) Fro-yo= frozen yogurt! I might do a post on running tips soon. Maybe your legs were sore from something you did yesterday? Or maybe it is diet related…My legs were so tired yesterday from Thursdays bodypump so I took the day off! Not sure if thats the case with you though. Also, sometimes it takes a couple miles for me to start feeling good during a run so you just have to push through the beginning! (Not if you feel like your injuring yourself of course!).

    Those pics are SO cute and i’m jealous of all the groceries you got!!

  4. I have so much I want to comment on, haha. When i’m achey I jump up my Potassium-coconut water is great! Massage-I love hot stone for relaxation when i’m on vaca. At home I have a girl I go to and she starts working on me and tells me what I need worked on and just goes to town!
    Hope you’re feeling better asap!!!!

  5. I love those kind of scales! Very cool :)
    I am a huuuge fan of hot stone massages.
    Never heard of this store called Jewel but looks like you got some amazing products from there! Love the mini Larabars!

  6. shout out to the justins almond butter….let me know how you like the maple cuz I have yet to try that kind! ALSO if i was a runner id give you some advice..sadly I’m an elliptical and precore junkie, when my legs ache its from over working them ..hope that helps a bit :)

  7. U will LOVE that Hommus! Its my fave ever!!!!! I buy it every week!!!

    So many good things on here that you got!

    The cacao powder rocks, great in smoothies and oats!

    Love egg whites ; )

    Sweet food processor! I need one but just never bought one yet!

    Love the cute pics of you and your man : ) So cute!

    Happy Sunday! xoxo

  8. How about trying some yoga tonight instead of running more? Tomorrow you’ll feel refreshed and ready to run and I’m sure you’re bod will be thanking you ;)

    WOW, you scored some awesome goodies!

    Have a great Sunday!!! :) :)

  9. It’ll be potassium. Potassium reduces muscle cramping and relieves muscular aches. Bananas are your friend in this situation. ;)

  10. I have been needing a food processor – that looks awesome! I have a hummus recipe from a family friends that used to own a Lebanese restaurant and made the BEST hummus ever, but I need a food processor to make it! Hoping that the birthday fairy brings it…
    The scale sounds neat too – but I’d be too afraid that I’d get addicted to it, and measure myself too often! Have a great remainder of the weekend!

  11. You and your BF are too adorable. I have the same scale. You will have to read my post on body fat scales sometime :-)

    As far as the massage…it depends on what you are in the mood for. I usually am VERY tense…so I do deep tissue. however, they can only go real deep in my upper back area. I am very tender in my mid back and other areas, so it has to be lighter. the aromatherapy is also nice. I know my massage girl really well, so I usually just tell her what to do. like add the oils, go deep here, etc. You could probably do that also. See if they can do a deep tissue, but use scented oils???

    Oh, and load up on the bananas if you are getting cramping. Your potassium is probably low ;-)

    Congrats on the food processor!!! Even though I have a Vitamix, and a kitchen aid…and a mini prep food processor, I still get jealous of when people get food processors. I want one!!!!

    • I would really like to read your post on body fat scales for sure.. what’s the link?? I need to be massaged in my upper back and shoulders theyve been killing me lately… I really never thought that I needed more potassium but come to think of it I barely incorporate in into my diet! Better make a note to self on that one

  12. Your scale looks super awesome!!

    I love those new products. Those fishy tablets are too cute. The Cacao Powder is great, I’m sure, as is the Nature’s Greens and your new food processor! How exciting.

    If I don’t have something small before I workout, my workout really suffers. I have low energy and can’t deliver as well. I usually just have something small–an apple, some berries, a handful of raw oats or granola with almond milk… it just depends.

    • Yea I agree I need to probably eat omething small before my workout a handfull of berries will do the trick I think. I never have big meal before I workout but come to think of it i usually workout first thing in the mornin and just hop on the tredmill before fueling up. this needs to change!… What are some good preworkout recipes u know of?

  13. I have an app on my iPhone called Nike+ GPS that does everything that a Garmin would do and also what DailyMile and similar sites do. When you run, it records time, distance, pace, and everything and the GPS records your route, where your pace changed, etc. and you can sync it all with your computer. It’s awesome because I don’t have to do anything to record my running (I’m marathon training right now) besides press a button. :) But I definitely do feel achy. It’s different for everyone but for me it usually means STRETCH, wait til the next day. I almost always feel better than when I make myself run anyway.

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